Consulting and management services for cultivators and dispensaries of legal cannabis

Ceres Project Management is a values-based consultancy focused on the creation, growth and sustainability of organizations committed to responsibly expanding the science, safety and quality of cannabis products for human use. Ceres Project Management was created in response to the new demand for a more professional approach to the challenges presented by the evolving cannabis industry.


  • Consultancy: Cultivation & dispensary build out, recipes, staff training, branding, product licensing, POS systems, security, marketing
  • Management Services: Equipment purchase and leasing, lab testing, recipe licensing, brand name/IP ownership
  • Market Potential: Discussions with investors interested in entering the medical cannabis business

Ceres Project Management has successfully directed the operations of two of the five vertically integrated medical cannabis licenses in the state of Vermont. Champlain Valley Dispensary was awarded the first license in Vermont in the fall of 2012. It began serving qualifying patients in July of 2013. It was awarded a second license to operate Southern Vermont Wellness in 2014 and began dispensing cannabis in February of 2015. Over the course of 6+ years of operation, these licenses have grown to include 2 production facilities and 4 dispensing locations geographically disperse across the state. They serve 65% of the patients registered with the Vermont Marijuana Registry (VMR). The success of the licenses was built on the following business practices and values:

  1. Increasing access to the registry through cannabis, and more generally, plant-based medicine education, for patients/caregivers, HCPs, legislators, law enforcement and the residents of Vermont at large.
  2. Transparency with regulators (Department of Public Safety) while building systems of best practice from the ground up
  3. Providing a diverse range of products and services in order to serve the widest possible population (multiple product choices with varying dose levels within each method of consumption category, compassionate pricing programs, statewide home delivery for minimal to no fee, 7-day/week operating hours, on-line pre-ordering for express pick up, drive thru window service, etc)
  4. Quality Control: Seed to sale inventory management with dual custody confirmation of quality and quantity of all interdepartmental cannabis biomass transfers, in-house laboratory testing, commitment to non-toxic inputs and processes throughout supply chain, robust standard operating procedures, etc
  5. Fostering a positive company culture built on Compassion, Vitality and Direction and that provides economic opportunity to all Vermont residents of legal age regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. Through its licenses, CPM offers a generous benefits package plus a well defined path of advancement for staff in order to promote long term employment
  6. Safety plans that mitigate risk for patients, staff and the public
  7. Ecologically sustainable practices including; use of renewable energy sources, non-toxic solvents and cleaning supplies, Integrative Pest Management and OMRI-certified cultivation practices, packaging solutions from recycled materials, predominance of local and organic ingredients in infused product menu,etc
  8. Conservative and inventive money management systems that ensure financial well-being and that are independently audited annually
  9. Investment in data collection and research initiatives to gather critical information about consumption trends to better serve the patient base

In addition to these operations in Vermont, Ceres Project Management successfully assisted two applicants obtain medical cannabis licenses in Massachusetts and continually consults with cannabis/hemp businesses in New England to design retail and production spaces as well as product lines.

Ceres Project Management principals have robust backgrounds in agriculture, the food industry, professional services, law, marketing and finance. These skills have been enhanced by our direct experience in successfully creating, running, and growing cannabis dispensaries. We don’t simply analyze the challenges faced by our clients, we have practical seed to sale experience of the complexities of your business and offer real-world tailored solutions. Ceres Project Management is able to dramatically shorten the time from conception to execution for its Clients’ projects.

The medical cannabis industry is undergoing dramatic nationwide growth. Lawmakers, health care practitioners, patients and Ceres Project Management as consultants, cultivators and dispensers of cannabis are all engaged in seeking to professionalize this start up industry.


A Commitment to the industry

  • Ceres Project Management is deeply committed to the success of the cannabis industry in order, first and foremost, to provide relief from pain and other symptoms for those suffering from serious medical conditions.
  • Ceres Project Management provides cultivation solutions to the legal cannabis industry allowing agricultural entrepreneurs to focus on the creative innovations that will make their businesses flourish.
  • To provide these solutions Ceres Project Management is committed to creating and implementing the highest standards of quality and control available in the industry.